Jen and Colleen opened up their Instagram Q&A to gather all the burning questions both guys and girls have.

WHAT GIRLS WISH GUYS KNEW, and what guys wish they knew more about. 

"How to approach a girl in public"

"Where's the cl*t!?"

"How the hell to buy flowers"

"When a girl says 'have fun'". (watch out)

... and much more.

Tune in to see what the ladies have to say!

Your hosts:

Jen Saviano: @jensav11

Colleen Gallagher: @colleengallagher_


The girls took a little hiatus, but they are back! Tune in for their April updates :)

Jen and Colleen give a little life update before diving into y'alls submitted life advice requests! Today's topic? Relationships.  

How to cut off a friends with benefits when you're attached?

Should I move in with him?

Girl on top-- tips?

Why would a guy watch my story but not like my instagram post?

ETC! Let's discuss.



In today's short but sweet episode-- the girls take a quick break from painting Jens room to discuss communicating in situationships.

Jen gets in a tiff with 24 yr old, and talks about why she needs clear communication upfront. Is she being crazy or fair?

Colleen still doesn't know how old Vegas boy is. But is it too soon to be upfront with the questions she wants to know?

Let's discuss.


Coming to Nashville?! You'll want to listen to this one.

Jen and Colleen break down some of their favorite spots in town-- and reveal their new custom itinerary option: ZOOM chat with them to plan your perfect itinerary! 

Breakdown below. Enjoy!

9:50- Coming to Nash? ZOOM chat with us to plan your perfect trip. 

11:00— Best hotels 

13:00- Good neighborhoods for Airbnb’s

14:30- Coffee shops

18:15- Brunch/lunch spots

24:45- Dinner spots

29:00- Cocktail lounges

31:50- Daytime activities

47:15- Rapid Fire


Your hosts:

Jen Saviano- @jensav11

Colleen Gallagher- @colleengallagher_

This week, we are joined by the hilarious Tara Schuster, former VP of Talent & Development at Comedy Central, and author of Buy Yourself The Fucking Lilies: & Other Rituals To Fix Your Life.

Just like in her book, Tara opens up about her journey to re-parenting herself and becoming a "ninja of self love" through simplistic rituals + healthy habits.

The trio dives into her badass book, banters about LIFE, and answers rapid fire questions!

Grab yourself some lilies, subscribe to Tara's newsletter for self-care tips, and enjoy one of our favorite episodes yet!


Your Hosts:

Jen Saviano- @jensav11

Colleen Gallagher- @colleengallagher_

Our Guest:

Tara Schuster- @taraschuster

Purchase Tara's book HERE.

Jen and Colleen sat down with their college intern, Virginia, as she compiled a list of things her and her friends wish they knew as they navigate college.

So the girls take a trip down memory lane and dish out some wisdom and tangible advice from lessons learned throughout the years. 

Spoiler alert: sh*t isn't as bad as it seems. enjoy the ride. 

Your hosts:

Jen Saviano: @jensav11

Colleen Gallagher: @colleengallagher_


Hercules, 24 year old, and Jens mom walk into a bar... 

No really. 😅

The girls update y'all on their weekly shenanigans... as Colleen anxiously gets ready for Vegas Boys arrival in Nashville.  

They then dive into the book 'Attached' and the 3 main attachment styles in dating & relationships: Anxious, Avoidant & Secure.

Can you guess which ones Jen and Colleen identify with? Tune in to find out!

Your hosts:
Jen Saviano- @jensav11

Colleen Gallagher- @colleengallagher_


We have Suzi Oravec in the house!

Suzi is an incredibly talented singer/songwriter, and a successful entrepreneur as the owner of Party Pups- a dog boarding company here in Nashville!

She also happens to be that funny friend that GOES THERE. Jen, Colleen and Suzi giggle through an hour conversation around the most typical girl topics: blowjobs, organic tampons, anal sex, bloating, diet, the list goes on.

Everything you want to know, but are too scared to ask. The girls tell ALL!

Grab a glass of wine and enjoy! xx

Your hosts:
Jen Saviano- @jensav11

Colleen Gallagher- @colleengallagher_

Our Guest:

Suzi Oravec- @suzioravec


January 28, 2021

True or False!?

Jen finally meets grocery store John, and Colleen and Vegas boy lock down a date! The girls then rapidly answer some of your burning True or False questions, such as:

"You would rather be single than have boyfriends"

"You've had a threesome"

"Size matters"

Tune in to find out!


Your hosts:
Jen Saviano- @jensav11

Colleen Gallagher- @colleengallagher_

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